Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog,

Full of what I call my passion.

Taking photographs and writing poems,

And going for the things my heart is stashin'.

For what you see is not only a blog,

It's a view into my soul,

This is how I express feelings and desires,

And for the world to realize that I exist is only but my goal.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wandering Into Pitch Black

The fire burning ferociously inside me, 
Burns my skin from beneath. 
It kills my laughter and my love.
I'm grinding my teeth in disbelief. 
Beceause beside me you're holding the bucket
Full of life, full of happiness and joy.
But you ignore the flames licking your eyes.
Distracted by your ever lasting decoy.
My pain is screeching and shouting for help.
But you refuse and look the other way.
It's burning my throat my voice is going,
Going, gone, away. 
Please, kill the fire.
Just kill it for good.
Say goodbye to all the pain,
And let us live life, just as we should. 

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