Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog,

Full of what I call my passion.

Taking photographs and writing poems,

And going for the things my heart is stashin'.

For what you see is not only a blog,

It's a view into my soul,

This is how I express feelings and desires,

And for the world to realize that I exist is only but my goal.

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Whatever Will Be...

I opened the door and everything was different.
You'd grown and now your legs were too long. 
You'd worked out so now you were much too strong. 
It's been so long since I've looked in your wardrobe. 
So long since I've smelt that scent full of time.
The worn clothes that remind me that you are mine. 
But I've changed too.
In ways you wouldn't even know.
I've truly missed you though.
I used to be scared of change.
That I would wake up and the sea would be silver and white.
Movement and life gone in the night. 
But I've learned that whatever will be, will be.
And that a new light reflected in the sky, might set me free. 

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