Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog,

Full of what I call my passion.

Taking photographs and writing poems,

And going for the things my heart is stashin'.

For what you see is not only a blog,

It's a view into my soul,

This is how I express feelings and desires,

And for the world to realize that I exist is only but my goal.

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Saturday, 24 November 2012


Love is such a strange expression. 
A word that can differ in meaning. 
A difference in souls or minds,
Can decide the way we're leaning. 
It can even change just by the shift of season, 
Something by natural instinct. 
But evolution has changed us,
Made thoughts so very distinct. 
As much as love can bring joy,
It can also bring sorrow and loneliness.
It can make you want to get away,
Running from the unattainable coziness. 
Some become desperate, 
Others just give up.
Some find replacements, 
If food or money in a cup.

Love has been a gift to me,
Though at times a riddle to solve. 
So please spear me your ungrateful words, 
Their mistakes could never devolve. 
I'd like to make my own story, 
Carve the words into a tree. 
Spell it out big and bold: 

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