Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog,

Full of what I call my passion.

Taking photographs and writing poems,

And going for the things my heart is stashin'.

For what you see is not only a blog,

It's a view into my soul,

This is how I express feelings and desires,

And for the world to realize that I exist is only but my goal.

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Saturday, 3 November 2012


The power of time,
ticks me frightened. 
It ticks to the beat of my heart. 
For every tick,
I take a breath,
Evolving, just like art. 
For every rush, busy lives,
Go on without a thought. 
We don't stop to think, 
About every blink,
Which is maybe what we aught. 
Because every wave shapes a stone, 
Into what we see today;
The stone of power,
The stone of time,
The stone of life's way. 

Iceland, 2012 

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