Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog,

Full of what I call my passion.

Taking photographs and writing poems,

And going for the things my heart is stashin'.

For what you see is not only a blog,

It's a view into my soul,

This is how I express feelings and desires,

And for the world to realize that I exist is only but my goal.

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In the spirit of Christmas

In the spirit of christmas,
A time of sharing joy and love,
Let's make december a month,
For everyone to think of. 
Let's never blink,
Admiring the twinkling lights.
Watch the snowflakes dancing,
Never let them out of our sights. 
We could go iceskating, 
Or fight with snowballs in the snow. 
But most of all let's spend time,
With the ones we should never let go.
For me christmas is about giving,
Although I don't have all the money in the world. 
I'd like to share happiness all around,
But all these feelings seems to go up in a whirl. 
We fill this month with stress and chaos,
Worrying about time and place, 
Instead of looking the happiness in front of us,
Right in the face.
For all we need, 
Is giving to us on even the 1st of December. 
With the family gathered to make a homemade decoration. 
We're making memories to remember.  

The taste of Christmas 

To me Christmas means a lot, 
I know it does to my family too, 
So kicking December off with these biscuits, 
Is something I love to do. 
I know I'm a little early, 
Maybe a week or so... 
But I tell you,
These treats are it though!
Crumble the butter with the flour,
And mix the rest of the ingredients in too, 
Now knead the dough, 
Until it feels smooth to you.
Leave it to cool,
For an hour or so, 
Then roll to tiny balls,
Till you put them in the oven to grow. 
They will need about five minutes, 
At around 200 degrees, 
Just take them out when they are sightly brown,
And you will have delicious traditional biscuits to please.

Recipe by julesmaakager.dk:
- 500 g flour
- 125 g butter(room temperature)
- 200 g suggar 
- 2-3 eggs depending on the size
- 1 tsp carbamate 
- 1 tsp cinnamon
- 1 tsp cardamom
- a bit of grated lemon zest 

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